Congratulations to the winner of the 2016 CT RollerGirls Cindy Luberto Scholarship for Women Athletes: Teyah Green!

Photo by Fred Gaston photography Courtesy of Teyah Green
Photo by Fred Gaston photography
Courtesy of Teyah Green

Teyah Green is a member of the Brien McMahon High School (Norwalk, CT) Class of 2016 where she is the senior captain of the track team.  Teyah was selected from among several qualified and inspiring applicants to receive the 2016 CT RollerGirls Scholarship for Women Athletes. She plans to attend Southern Connecticut State University (SCSU) in New Haven, CT in the fall.

Teyah’s essay describes the importance of being a member of the track and field team to her:

I set up at the starting line with my palms sweating, heart beating a thousand times per second and pray that nothing bad will go wrong. I wait for the starter to say his three commands. “Runners take your mark!” It’s completely silent and all eyes are on me. “Set!” The adrenaline inside me is soaring, and the pressure is on. The gun goes off and everything changes, the world changes, and nothing else really matters – except that I take off.

Amazingly, the track is where I realized that my capabilities as a human being are infinite. I’ve learned many life lessons from practices and meets that transitioned me from a naïve child to a mature adult. Gradually, it assembled a mental toughness within me and kindled a sweltering ambition for fearlessly undertaking hardships encountered on a daily basis. The laps that I run around the track are not just a form of aerobic exercise; they are my therapy. With each stride the world under me vanishes; the calculus test tomorrow that I never studied for does not exist, the seven hour shift I have to work this weekend is not real, and my mind is one hundred percent clear of everything.

Initially, my first encounter with the track was my freshman year as an insecure, shy girl who only knew a handful of people. However, my talent spoke for me. As the seasons and years progressed, I became more outspoken, build confidence, built a strong foundation between my teammates and coaches, and leadership skills that earned me to be a team captain my junior and senior year. Overall, the four years that I have spent on the track have blossomed me to be the person that I dreamed of becoming. My capability to preserve through rough workouts exposed a strength I was unaware that I infatuated: willpower. I learned that to enjoy the journey, not the destination, to get out of my comfort zone, try new things, transform frustration into positive energy and motivation, and where there’s a will, there is always a way. Also, I have realized that there are no shortcuts to success, and to never give up on what you truly want. These skills have made me a the better person I am today, someone who dreams big, works hard for what I want in the future, and most importantly to become independent – because no one is going to hold my hand my entire life. Moreover, the track is more than just four hundred meters to me; it’s the place where I transitioned from an insecure fourteen year old without any insight on the future to an ambitious, knowledgeable young woman who is ready for whatever the world has to give her.

CTRG awards the Cindy Luberto Scholarship annually with the philosophy that women athletes come from many backgrounds and enjoy a variety of sports. Recognizing that only those excelling in more traditional sports receive recognition with athletic awards and scholarships, the Cindy Luberto award is open to female-identifying athletes who participate in athletic endeavors both traditional and unconventional.

The $500 scholarship is nonrenewable and paid directly to the educational institution upon verification of enrollment in the fall semester, for use toward tuition, fees and education-related expenses. All submissions are reviewed by CTRG, and winners are determined by a league vote.